Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vents, Fans and Hot Air Ducts

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Desert Sage and Venus.
Photo by T.T. Thomas

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Prince of Pugs

His name is Teddy Valentine, because February 14 was when he came to live with us. Born on Christmas, Teddy was a heartthrob the minute we laid eyes on him. Full of personality, a soft, cute muzzle, big, brown beautiful eyes and a, um, less than perfect pug tail, he came with a fully sharpened complement of baby teeth, an ability to sleep when everyone else does, and a deliciously sensuous languidness that makes you want to invade his space and hug and kiss him and cuddle coo him like the little prince he was born to be.......until, in a burst of energetic ha-ha-ha-HAH, he runs behind you, pell-mell, takes a flying leap and bites you in the a...ah, yes, there. He receives numerous timeouts toward the end of the day, as being overtired apparently causes his ungracious behavior. The timeouts seem not to work. Treats will assuage his rambunctiousness, but won't cure it. He does what he wants, this Prince of Pugs. It's a dog's life, as well it should be!

Photo By Karyn R. Pierce