Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Karyn!

It all Started here...2/4/60 at 3:54 in the morning!

Wow! A 13-inch head? Awesome.

                                                                                      ---she liked it NOT!


Baby Karyn at San Francisco Beach

And then a small montage of the trip to Europe a couple years ago to pick up a car. First stop Germany, then Lausanne, Switzerland and a couple days at the beautiful Beau Rivage Palace (see the view from our window...chess anyone?), then Rome, then Florence, then Venice....last year on her birthday, Karyn was in the hospital getting ready to have her appendix removed, so this year, a small reminder of one of her favorite memories...the Trip of a Lifetime.

She said a simple Happy Birthday would do...but this is more fun!