Sunday, June 10, 2007

I lied to Robin Mizell

Honestly, when Robin kept suggesting I start a blog, I completely forgot that at some distant point in the past, I did start one. I was mad at CNN for something the then evening anchor called "The Whip." It was like a 10-second video headline from the reporters in the field, followed by a half-hour wait for the full story. Quite annoying. Anderson Cooper was still covering hurricanes, and really, my CNN dedication all came down to watching Christiane Amanpour, and, when she was on, Judy Woodruff. They were the only two people worth listening to. Anderson was OK, and he's certainly improved, but Aaron Brown, who got the play of a lifetime by starting his CNN anchor gig on 9/11---yes, that 9/11---was starting to bug me with his sardonic smirk. But I digress.

So, I played around with this blog thing, wrote a couple posts back in 2006 that I've deleted today at the request of my audience of one, Weird Harold, my partner. (Another story, another time).

"Too dated, not really worth archiving and not really your best," she said.

The thought occured to me that I need a friend besides Harold. That could prove difficult as I've already told Robin a whopper, and while she didn't exactly think I walked on water, I believe I had her pretty well convinced I invented it, and that could all be in the, uh, drink, now, as it were. I'm not proud to be such an illusion buster, but there you have it. (Robin and are are really fond of the nautical metaphors, and we'll extend to Naval militaria metaphors, but only when desperate or completely out of ideas).

But, at the end of the day, I think she'll forgive me for my momentary lapse in memory, because the real point of this blog thing still escapes me, and Robin seems absolutely determined to prove to me that blogging is, if not de rigeur for the efficacious living of life, then certainly certainly a basic necessity for a life well lived. I met Robin when we worked on the Assignment Zero...thing. Met a few super people there. Had a generally uneasy experience. Here's Robin's 'take' on it on how we got to know one another.

Blogs. Yes, I read them; yes, I enjoy many of them; no, I don't really "get" them. As a vehicle, I mean. As a medium, or is it media? What really, is the point of my providing you with my point? And yet, here I am. No, that's not apologia---let's not forget I barely know what I'm doing, so, I'm reluctant to apologize for it just yet. That could happen, though.

As it says up top, this is all opinion, but not all my opinion. I'm going to invite some guest writers, and naturally, one always hopes people will post a comment now and then. All topics are fair game.

Anyway, I'm sorry Robin. Please post on my blog. Please show me how this thing works. How do I link to something with just one word? Thanks. You're going to be sorry you got me started on this.


Robin Mizell said...

T.T., I’m hardly disillusioned. Think how many thousands of lies I’ve been told intentionally. I long ago learned to read body language or, in text, between the lines. I counted in excess of 500 email messages among the group of participants on our minor AZ topic in a span of only a few weeks. Your gradual revelations have been as strategic as those CNN teasers you describe. But, hey, I think the multiple personalities will serve you well in this global medium. (laughing)

Welcome to the great big borderless blogosphere.

You’re my second blogging convert (lapsed bloggers count), and I have two or three more in development. There may be a place for me in blogger heaven, if I keep this up.

Mike, yes, that Mike said...

You know that God's gone digital, right? He just Googles you to figure out where to send you.

Robin Mizell said...

Darn good thing I'm only 97% transparent, then. (snickering)

Opinionhead said...

I think my friend Robin confuses my blog with me! My blog will have some (read multiple) guest fact, Mz Mizell, I've been meaning to talk to you. heh.

::waving to Mike: Wow, that's cool that you dropped by, Mike, but I always said when I got google-able, I'd have to disappear. But I missed that deadline during AZ, I think. Oh well, I don't have multiple personalities....but I do have multiple names, thanks g-d! Nice to see you guys.

dkearns72 said...

I love this post Ms. Thomas! My favorite defense of blogging is that more talking, more conversation, more dialogue is just plain good (and fun, to boot).

Even Mike has started to be unable to resist it. :)

T.T. Thomas said...

I noticed that Dan---even Mike. Imagine that...crawling out of the floorboards, inbetween trips to europe and cutting fresh peonies for the princess! btw, congrats on your new baby Dan. Thanks for coming by our modest attempt at blogging. tt

dkearns72 said...

"our modest attempt": is that the "imperial we"? (laughing)