Monday, August 20, 2007

Please pass the Spam

Don't blame me. Mike started this game:

Name four jobs you’ve had.

Name four favorite foods.

Name four places you’ve lived.

Name four places you’d rather be right now.


T.T. Thomas said...

Oh for heaven's sake! Is Mike going to tell us what our answers mean? If this is about introvert or extrovert, I am definitely an introvert, despite what this list seems to suggest. OK, here goes.

Four Jobs:
1. Fuller Brush 'man' (I had a route during college, in Seattle, where it rains...a lot. Lonely old ladies loved my goods, and I loved it when they asked me in out of the rain for tea and cookies, but they took up so much of my time, I had to move on to a new line of work).
2. Telemarketer(I quit after one day, much to the dismay of the manager who said I was "a natural." I lined up 6 appointments.)
3. Used car salesperson (I was top salesperson numerous times.)
4. Root beer stand carhop (Starting age: 12...I drank my profits.)

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Crab
2. Sourdough Bread
3. Borscht, and beets in general
4. Corn and Artichokes

Four places I've lived:
1. London (briefly...born there)
2. Peoria, Illinois (18 years)
3. Las Vegas (two weeks)
4. New York (twice, for a year each time, first time on 1st & 53rd, 2nd time on 69th and Central Park West)
5. Palm Springs (76 hours, in August, daily temperature 114...I would have left sooner but the moving company was booked due to the earthquake that hit a few hours after I arrived. Oddly, that's not why I left.)
6. Seattle (went to school there)
7. Los Angeles (currently, and for the third time)

Four places I'd rather be right now:
1. Beau Rivage Palace, Lausanne, Switzerland
2. Florence
3. Venice
4. Anywhere KRP is. Oh wait, she's already here.

Robin Mizell said...

We don't need Mike to interpret that you're contumacious and you can't count. (laughing) Were you and he separated at birth?

mike of concrete said...

Ah, Lausanne. I remember watching a small bit of Trainspotting while in a hotel there. At the time I couldn't decode the Scottish accent, so I was relying on the French subtitles at times.

There was some speech about Scottish history, then some disgusting scene that made me turn off the TV.

T.T. Thomas said...

hahaha...btw, when I click on Mike's link in your post or even on the side of my blog where he's listed as says we have no access. I know we do because I just posted on his blog, after I signed in to it. Is he being contumacious???

Contumacious...that's a good one, however much it sounds like an incurable disease and however grossly inacurate it may be, in my case. As for counting...who's counting? heh.

Robin Mizell said...

Yeah, my access to concrete is also currently forbidden. Maybe he's having a stag party or installing biometric security features.

Jo Jardin said...

I have access in one sense, but apparently don't understand the meaning of the number 5, so perhaps shouldn't have it...?

Through the looking glass, that I am, Yoda...

Robin Mizell said...

Tell me Mike isn't the ultimate strategist. (laughing) You can increase readers' interest by being transparent or by being enigmatic—to a degree.

mike of concrete said...

Opaque, enigmatic... try stupid. I was doing some spam-cleaning and miscoded something. Such is the price I pay for maintaining my own security wall -- if I screw it up, it's all on me.