Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday MaryBelles!!!

Laguna Beach, CA---Nov. 13, 2007

According to reliable, unnamed sources, today is the 59th birthday of Mary Todd (pictured on the right), seen elsewhere on this blog signing off as Belles. On at least two occasions, she has posted a Blog post when she meant to post a Comment. Inasmuch as she, at that time, didn't know the difference between a Blog and a Post, never mind a blog post and a Comment, it was decided to leave her blog posts intact as they were most amusing!

Although Miss Todd joined her sister, T.T. Thomas and sister-in-law Karyn Pierce in the high desert for high dessert over this past weekend, she is apparently joining her friend Cathy for lunch in Laguna Beach today as it is their mutual birthday week, although that could be just an excuse for more cake. Mary's other sister, Elizabeth, and her niece Danielle, are no doubt calling to wish her a Happy Birthday as we post.

For her birthday, Mary insisted on "something practical" if anyone insisted on a gift. After a celebratory dinner at one of the local gourmet seafood establishments, located about 75 miles from the nearest ocean, reports are that Mary and her two hostesses whipped through Gottchalks Department Store like three small tornadoes, 10 minutes before closing time, which the women had originally and erroneously estimated to be an hour later. Mary wanted pillows. Two down-topped feather pillows and one feather bed later, the three women were escorted out of the department store by a man holding a big key, and possibly a weapon. He was not laughing, but Mary was.

Back at her home-away-from home, her high-desert casita, as it were, Mary settled in for a good movie and a lovely chocolate caked baked for her by Karyn. From scratch. Oh wait, scratch that---from the ever-lovely Betty Crocker, another family friend.

Now, early indications are that Miss Todd had a lovely weekend, and forgot all about getting older. Indeed, we believe she may have had a jolly good time. In short, she got to have her cake and eat it too! Happy Birthday, Mary, and may you have many, many more!

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karyn said...

happiest of birthdays, mayree!

love love love you!

always, karyn ruby, dolly and teddy

Occasional Guest Blogger said...

Happy birthday, Mary!

Laughter is the best birthday gift, but a little visit from Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines is always appreciated. I'm glad you sweet-talked your way out of a trespassing arrest. (giggling)

Belles said...

Laudy, Laudy, I never seen such fuss 'bout an old woman gittin older, but since y'all have your panties up in a wad 'bout all this, well, t'aint nothin for me to do 'cept say thankee, thankee, thankee!!! You's all too good to me! My only 'plaint is after all that laffin and gigglin, I t'aint lost but not even an inch round my spare tire. Oh, well, that's life, as some dum singer once said.
LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. And no matter how much fussin I think you ought not do, I love you, I love you, I love you, ANYWAYS!!!