Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow and the High Desert

Antelope Valley, Southern California -- No, it doesn't happen often, but it happened this morning: A lovely, light dusting of the white powdery stuff greeted me and my coffee cup. I can't exactly say that I "love" snow (and maybe that's because I trudged through mountains of it growing up in Illinois), but I can say I love the look of it. More snow is expected over the next couple days, and overnight temperatures are in the low thirties. If the days keep warming up like today, though, I'll have to snap the next batch of pictures at dawn because by 8 a.m. this picture was gone, and the melt off trickled down the foothills and onto our street throughout the day.


Occasional Guest Blogger said...

See what happens when she's confined to the cabin for a few weeks? She starts acquiring multimedia skills. Soon, she'll have her own Internet TV show.

karyn said...

oh G-d, please say it ain't so!!

after a few weeks confined WITH her in said cabin i'm ready for the looney bin and she's seeing a "light dusting of snow" where noone else is! hehe!

T.T. Thomas said...

Hahaha...thanks fans. I'll be returning to work on Monday, and yer all gonna miss me when I'm gone (for 10 hours at a time!).

Don't believe her, Robin: She's been a saint, a kind of modern-day Nurse Nightengale. And she can't get chicken pox because she's already had it!

But, are you guys serious? You really can't see the snow, can you? ::shakes head::

azteclady said...

Erm... no, I can't see the snow either.

Anyway, I'm here to say (very respectfully, of course), blog more often, lady!

Thank you ;)

T.T. Thomas said...

Thankee know, I would blog more often if I could figure out how to have a full-time job, work on my novel, keep track of the weather AND read everyone else's blog! Thanks for the encouragement, though---there might be something else coming very, very soon!