Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day--The Slideshow

This is probably way too long to work properly. Cannes Film Festival it's not. It's not Rome, either. And the yard took 15 days to finish. It's gorgeous. I'm happy with it. Maybe you'll see it!


azteclady said...

Why you don't believe it's the end?

'cause you are smart enough to realize that yards and gardens are never static :grin:

It's beautiful, congrats to both of you!

Robin Mizell said...

Loved the video! I had no idea there was so much space to fill--and beautifully. The pots and urns are my favorites. In a year or two you'll be the go-to neighbor for starts of exotic plants.

azteclady said...

Hope you guys had a good and safe and wonderful holiday!

Here's to freedom!