Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Wedding Day, 21 August 2008

TOP LEFT: TT and Karyn
TOP CENTER: Karyn with impromptu flowergirls, Liza and Emma
TOP RIGHT: TT'S sister, Mary, Witness, Cheerleader, Celebrity Greeter
MIDDLE LEFT: Love...and Bling. Yes!
MIDDLE CENTER: If that's my driver, I've so got a ticket to ride!
MIDDLE RIGHT: The lovely wedding party, with half of TT
LOWER LEFT: TT and sister Mary...see the resemblance!
LOWER MIDDLE: The ever lovely Karyn
LOWER RIGHT: TT needs to sit down for a minute.

And, above, to the immediate left: Kimberly, Karyn's sister, witness, partaker, makeup artiste, wardrobe coordinator, too much fun!
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Thought you might like to see some pictures from our special day. I believe if you double click on the collage, the pictures get bigger...or is that just my head? Thanks to everyone who was there and to all our families and friends who were there in spirit. We love you.


azteclady said...

Thank you for sharing! You both look lovely--even if TT hides her eyes behind those sunglasses! ;-)

Here's wishing you joy every day, peace every night, and love in your hearts every moment of your lives.

azteclady said...

(quick question: is everything slightly more orange now than it was before? or is it just me?)

T.T. Thomas said...

Oh gee, slightly orange? Yikes...supposed to be kinda cantaloupe! I guess that's slightly orange. Also, what are those HUGE spaces between paragraphs? They weren't in my so-called preview! Blogging: Not an exact science.

And thanks for the well wishes...we really appreciated it.

ann herendeen said...

Oh, these are simply too gorgeous to stare at long. I think that's what the orange effect is about. Woo!

And yes, the collage does get bigger if you double click on it. But now I have to lie down for a while and cool off.

Love and kisses to you both, and many, many happy returns. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.

karyn said...

dearest azteclady, ann, and robin,

being the self contained types that we are, there are very few people (as you can see by the HUGE wedding party!) that we truly call are friends. the genuine happiness you hold for us as expressed in your words and loving attitudes toward us, have touched our hearts more than you know. we are honored by your support and blessed with your love. such true and simple kindness...i'm sooo diggin' it :)

i thank you from my heart...for letting us know you, and for allowing us to share.


azteclady said...

(((karyn and tt)))

azteclady said...

Hey, your second month-versary was yesterday! *confetti* yay!


T.T. Thomas said...

LOL, Aztec, we forgot! Karyn says I better post something new, or I'll be responding with 12 "we forgots." 'Cause everyday is a celebration! OK, so August 21st will be the Official Anniversary. Right now we're trying to get California to say OK. Maybe I should go around the internet and pick out quotes from other blogs on "No on Prop 8"---if I get the time! Thank Aztec for remembering what we forgot! LOL.

azteclady said...

I have a blog recommendation: I think you'll love: check out Cranky Otter's

T.T. Thomas said...

Love it! Oh, and...look at my "Notables" sidebar. Heh. You can hide, but you cannot escape!

azteclady said...

Oh wow! *huge smile* thank you!

I was coming over to wish you guys happy hallowe'en so... Bright Blessings and Happy Hallowe'en!

And thank you *hug*

The forgotten as unusual? Definitely so--there are long periods in history that have been pretty much ignored, and even more wherein only highly dramatized (romanticized?) accounts make it into fiction. And it's sad, because isn't it better to take a raw and real period, and tell a great story within the constraints of a difficult reality?


*off soapbox*

(it's no good when preaching to the choir, after all :wink:)

(book: not a writer, I just blather online--and I'm sure everyone if very thankful that's the case :wink:)

Have fun, my dears!

azteclady said...

Ladies, you GOT to visit Cranky Otter today--that girl is amazing beyond the telling. Srsly, GO!

T.T. Thomas said...

OH! Cranky Otter is the BEST! Love her and her sincerity. Just a really good person. Also, go check out Margaret and Helen in my blog list. They are a total hoot! Thanks for CO, ALady....48 more hours to a better America!

azteclady said...

*crossing fingers* from your keyboard to God's ears!

azteclady said...

Still praying ((((t.t. and Karyn))))