Sunday, November 09, 2008

Do you want to see our rain?

"Oh, honey, no one wants to look at our rain!"

But see, it's not just "looking at our rain." It's the before, during and after of a desert rain, a micro burst really, with the fresh, vibrant smell of wet grasses that smell like wet hay fields in the Midwest, and it's the "Hi! I'm happy living here" attitude of the flowers, the plants and the trees in our yard. It's me loving weather and recording it for all to see. 

It's...OK, I'll go with no one wants to look at our rain, but how 'bout that desert, that yard, those colors and those big as icicles raindrops! Well, those big raindrops don't really show through (sorry!), but if you double click on the slide show, you can see the colors that the rain brings out in the high desert. 


azteclady said...

I want to look at your rain! *stamping foot*


Okay, I confess: my dream is to move to the Pacific Coast one day... with any luck *crossing fingers* before the eldest monster finishes with CalTech and decides to move back to *this* coast


(and I totally want your plants and your yard)

karyn said...

hahaha....oh azteclady, there you go encouraging her again! darn!

it seems the only time the furkids and i get any relief from our resident shutter-bug, is when the batteries die on the cameras (psssst..she doesn't know how to charge them!). i always take pity and charge 'em up because, well, you just never know when there might be a hiccup of rain, or a new bloom to share, or a cloud passes overhead in the shape of a important stuff. plus, we know you'll always be there to admire her're sweet that way ;)

so....come over already! :))


azteclady said...

*checking piggy bank* well... gimme *some quick math* a few years to save for the trip and I'll be there :grin:

Or... YOU could come on over.

*channeling the snake in Eden* I'm close to WDW and the other parks... :wink:

T.T. Thomas said...

hahaha....she didn't know what WDW meant---she asked me if that was a variant of WD-40! LOL. Well, it's understandable: She last went to Disneyland in 1965, when she was five years old. The first ride the family went on was the Matterhorn. After that, they couldn't even get her to go on the teacups!

We have a couple other friends in Florida, though, and you make three. Not only would it be a fun trip, it'd probably be way therapeutic! Well, it's Staycation for the near future, so...send pictures?

azteclady said...

Yeah, staycation is pretty much the only thing within my piggy bank's reach these days...

... which sucks all around *sigh*

You know, I really need to get me a digital camera (a VERY simple one, since I'm rather techno impaired) and post some stuff...