Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa's Secret Shopper

Christmas Table

We all agreed: No presents this year! And then, in a fit and flurry of festivity, someone went to Target and picked up a dozen "soft" gifts (jammies, t-shirts, socks, etc), figuring "they don't count."

OK, so, we gave that person a pass because she spent hours gift wrapping and placed the goodies under our actually very pretty little Christmas tree. She even wrapped the ones from me to her! It was enormously festive, I never set foot in a mall (or even a store), the "shopper" loves all her gifts (because she picked them out), and there are no returns. 'Twas a Night Before Christmas win/win!

Happy Holiday to all our friends and families!


azteclady said...

Best wishes from the other side of the continent to you ladies--it seems you did have a great holiday.

Joy, peace, love and health to you both, always.

azteclady said...

And best wishes for a most excellent, wonderful, healthy, successful and loving 2009!