Friday, March 13, 2009

Signs of Spring

As my seven long-time readers well know, everything in the garden has a given name. Given by Karyn. This morning I took some pictures of some "people" you may have seen in prior pictures to show the incredible growth, despite the limb-breaking snows of winter, the sogginess of pre-Spring and the already warm winds of pre-Summer.

These photos have been published over the protests of the professional landscape architect who has assured me that these vignettes are nowhere near ready for their closeups. The professional says things won't be ready for the cover of any publication for at least a consider this a sneak preview.

First, welcome Mondo, also known by his birth name of agave americana variegata.

Next, Pinky, a lovely flowering Plum tree. In the background, you can see one of the many ancient groves of Joshua tree that surround us. Ollie, the fruitless olive tree, peeks in from the right.

And finally, we introduce you to Goliath, child of Mondo. Goliath seems happily surrounded by the Orange Grove, and if you look closely, you'll see Lemoncello, both varieties of ice plant.

So, enjoy the preview. I'm in such trouble! heh.


azteclady said...

If these are still not ready, I am in advanced awe of them when they finally hit their peak--wow!

Karyn, I bow to your prowess--my puny attempts pale even more in the face of this photographic evidence.

(Thank you for the sneak peek, T.T., I hope you don't get into *too* much trouble for it)

T.T. Thomas said...

Well...not too much trouble, but now I'm on the hook to replace one of the trees that didn't it make it through the be replaced sooner rather than later. I'm afraid to go shopping for one tree; it's never resulted in less than four trees. And here's the sad part: I'm actually getting into that tree-shopping mode. Lots of shade and prettiness---no regrets. Famous last words!

Occasional Guest Blogger said...

Wow! Now I want some 'Orange Grove.' I wonder if I can grow it in Ohio. The only thing peeping out here so far is the crocus.