Monday, August 31, 2009

Still Here!

Good Morning Everyone,

Hey the prayers and good wishes must have been heard---we're still here, and actually I'm going to work today as the Freeway appears to be open. There's still plenty of smoke in the sky, but I'm sure the Super Scoopers were flying early this morning. If the winds cooperate, things could turn the corner. I'll try to get some pictures as I drive through Acton, on my way to work. The real test of how much the fire is contained will be this evening after the Sundowner winds come up. I'll be driving home at 8:30 p.m. my time, getting home around 10 p.m. Will update then and whenever I can during the day. Thanks you guys!


azteclady said...

Thank you for the update. Stay safe.

azteclady said...

Hoping you are still safe. Please do let us know, when you can.

T.T. Thomas said...

Hi Everyone....yes A-Lady, thanks, we got through today, and all is well in our immediate vicinity. The drive to and from work was a major challenge, and then Karyn took Kim to the airport and saw huge flames above Burbank in the hills; her drive was two hours coming home due to traffic. On the way home tonight, I saw the same flames (and more) but too much traffic, going too fast, so I missed "the money shot" as Kimberly calls it. But what a sight, all the hills above and surrounding Los Angeles to the East and North on fire--every ridge with huge flames. I'm going to look on line and see if I can find a shot of what I saw from the 101 Freeway heading east out of Calabasas. Amazing and frightening sight. We'll have to see if the winds act up tonight, but the weather man says two more hot days, and then some help from an off-shore low pressure movement, which might help the firefighters. We have to hope---this thing is the biggest fire I've ever seen. Will update if anything. Off to bed! I'm all Fired OUT, and besides, we've got a hurricane down in Baja heading this way---got to rest up the Weather & Natural Disaster Crew! (Seriously, I don't think a Baja hurricane has come as far north as Los Angeles in a long, long time...but ya never know.)

azteclady said...

Thank you for the update.

Keeping you all in my prayers.

If and when you can, let us know how you all are.

Sandra said...

How are things this morning?? I wake up wondering about you!! I hope all is well!

azteclady said...

I hope the news tonight is still good, even better.

Stay safe.