Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three Months Ago Today

Three months ago today (August 20,2008), it was the eve of our wedding. We forgot our first and second month anniversary and had to be reminded (thanks Azteclady!).

So for our third month wedding anniversary, I wanted to surprise my beloved, Karyn, (on the right, without sunglasses) with one of my favorite pictures from the actual day, August 21st.  On the eve of our wedding, we had our sisters at our home, and everyone was in such a state of excitement, I almost can't remember it. Just kidding---of course I remember! I think we did four or five dress rehearsals throughout the house. And then, the next day, when we went to the Beverly Hills courthouse, we got a very big surprise. The place was packed! We got a fabulous Judge who actually gave a 'sermon' of sorts. For a while I thought I was in a tent revival ("You will honor one another!). 

Why yes, yes, we will. Every day of our lives. 


azteclady said...

Well, I think you already did honor one another from way back.

*raising bottle of water* Best wishes to you, every day of your lives.

T.T. Thomas said...

::nodding:: Want to hear a six degrees of separation story? A million years ago, in another life, I was, first, a reporter, then an editor, for a small town weekly newspaper in Northern California. It was so long ago, my title was Women's Editor. I was told from day one that the most important (and popular) section of that little paper was Weddings and Engagements!

Karyn lived in that small town. She was, oh, about nine years old. I met her when she was 39, thirty years later. On line, in a forum we both posted to regularly. In a virtual world, populated by millions and millions of people, I met my real-world love. That was just over eight years ago.

What were the odds? A billion to one? Oh my: If the Weddings and Engagements section could see me now!

azteclady said...

*huge grin* love that!

(Coincidences can be hinky, but also true: I met my very own love online, in a forum we both belonged to--he became a member while I was off, and says he fell in love with my posts. When I got back, I fell in love with his posts. Three years later, here we are...)

T.T. Thomas said... that story! Good thing you went back to that forum!! Good thing he posted stuff you fell in love with. Just out of curiosity (if you wish to answer)...were you geographically close or distant or somewhere inbetween? I was in Los Angeles, Karyn was in San Francisco. 50 minutes by air!

azteclady said...

Me in Central Florida, he in DC and Maryland.

:grin: What are the odds, hm?