Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Happy Birthday to Karyn

As usual, she didn't want any gifts, didn't want to go out, didn't want anything special. "The economy's bad," she said.  Exactly right! So, my love, it's not going to be last year's gift..heh, and it won't be next year's gift (for the big 5-0!), but it's your day, so you can have anything you want (within reason...bad economy and all that). But mostly, a wonderful birthday to the woman who keeps it all together for me and keeps me together in more ways than I can say without totally embarrassing myself. 


Occasional Guest Blogger said...

Happy Birthday, Karyn! Is it today? I hope the sun is shining.

Ann Somerville said...

The lady is looking mighty fine. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

(rats, I'm late!)

May all your days bring you joy, Karyn!

(azteclady, who can't log it right now)

azteclady said...



erm... it's dusty in here.