Monday, December 07, 2009

The Book She is Complete!

Well...first draft. (See sidebar).

Why yes, yes it was hard! And I loved writing it!

More news when my other readers get a copy.

I'd tell you the title, but then I'd'll just have to wait.

Thank you to everyone who urged me to the finish line.

Editing begins next week.


azteclady said...

*throwing confetti*

*cheering loudly*

Yay you!

*waiting for more*

Robin Mizell said...

I'm not the Occasional Guest Blogger anymore. I updated my Google account recently, and that old moniker went by the wayside.

Sincere CONGRATULATIONS on the first draft, T.T.! I wondered why it had been so quiet on the blogs lately. This is fabulous news, and I hope you know I'm rooting for your success.

T.T. Thomas said...

Ah, thank you ladies! Yes, Robin, that's exactly why my blogs have suffered. You and ALady are charter members of my "fan" club, so I hope you'll like the end result---oh wait, I still have to get it published! Pesky details.

More news when it becomes news!

azteclady said...

Stopping by to wish all of you at chez TT the very best for the New Year!

*toasting to the book and your lives*

Robin Mizell said...

Your readers might be interested in the Yale Herald's recent article "In defense of romance: Proving the stereotypes wrong" by Katherine Orazem, who notes that a "kind of boundary-spanning camaraderie among fans perhaps springs from the barrage of criticism romance is forced to endure. Still, the censure aimed at the genre seems only to have strengthened its defenders’ arguments and attracted ever more readers to the cause. There seems no reason to believe that that readership won’t continue to grow..."