Thursday, January 21, 2010

High Desert Snow: Day and Night

So far in Southern California, it's been 40 hours of pounding, monsoon-like rain, tornadoes, mudslides, debris flow, over-flowing catch basins, power outages, jack-knifed trucks, spun-out cars, flooded streets, flooded freeways, rock slides, waterspouts, high surf, sleet, snow and gale force winds---still, the BIG storm is expected this evening and tomorrow, with more snow on Saturday!

We got the snow, the rain, the sleet, the rock slides and the gale force winds. Fortunately, our resident landscape designer, had just last week put down the cedar chips winter mulch, so, hopefully, no one outside will freeze.

Ah, Paradise!


Ann Somerville said...

Looks too cooooold!

Hope you and the missus are safe and warm!

azteclady said...

Stay safe!!!

(and please do keep us posted)

Anonymous said...

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